About us

Angar Export was founded in 1993 as a subcontractor for export. For the first eight years we exported shoe uppers exclusively, but as of 2001 we started participating in the domestic market, as well as starting the manufacture of completed footwear. The company’s continued growth has allowed it to consolidate its position not only as one of the most important export subcontracting companies, but also as one the most experienced companies in the shoe industry market.


Our company is a notable part of the footwear industry, subcontracting and producinghigh-quality uppers and shoesfor the domestic and international markets. The focus of our effort and daily labor is the customer, whose needs we constantly seekto satisfy since his satisfaction is our success.

Our competitiveness is based on technological knowledge, along with the technology of our processes and equipment. This is the reason we continually search for innovation and modernization.

We acknowledge that our most valuable resource is our employees, which is why we promote their individual and family development through quality of life in the workplace. This is how we transcend in our community, collaborating in its economic, social and cultural growth.


We strive to be a company made up of people who are achievers and who work each day with passion to succeed in the face of 21st-century challenges; who prepare themselves to accomplish this goal and therefore to make ours a world-class business, a leader in the manufacture of uppers and footwear.


  • Honesty
  • Respect for people
  • The customer
  • Responsibility
  • Work
  • Reliability
  • Respect for the environment
  • Quality